MOMIJI Japanese Takeaway

Since 1990, we have been serving our food and loved by lots of customers. We are located in Townhall. Come and grub our cheap takeaway food.



Bento Box

41.Shake Bento Salmon, fishcake, vegetables top on the seaweed rice $9.00
42.Saba Bento Mackerel, fishcake, vegetables top on the seaweed rice $9.00
43.Chicken Katsu Bento Chicken schnitzel, fishcake, vegetables top on the seaweed rice $8.00
44.Nori Bento Fish (Basa), fishcake, vegetables top on the seaweed rice $8.00
45.Higawari Bento Daily Special $9.50

DON (rice bowls)

01.Katsu Don Chicken schnitzel omelette topped on rice $9.50
02.Wagyu Don Wagyu beef Sukiyaki topped on rice $10.00
03.Wagyu tama Don Wagyu beef Sukiyaki omelette topped on & rice $10.00
04.Karaage Don Fried chicken topped on rice $9.50
05.Kara tama Don Fried chicken omelette topped on rice $9.50
06.Tori Don Fried chicken & sauce, seaweed topped on rice $9.50
07.Mayo tori Don Fried chicken & sauce, seaweed, mayonnaise topped on rice $10.00
08.Sauce katsu Don Chicken schnitzel with BBQ sauce topped on rice $9.50
09.Miso katsu Don Chicken schnitzel with Miso sauce topped on rice $9.50
10.Ebi tama Don 3 Prawns Tempura omelette topped on rice $10.00
11.Katsu curry Chicken schnitzel, Japanese beef curry & rice $10.00

RAMEN Noodle Soup

21.Ramen Egg noodle soup & pork, vegetables $9.50
22.Goma kara Miso Ramen Sesame & spicy Miso Ramen $10.00
23.Spicy white soup Ramen Spicy white soup Ramen $10.00
24.Hiyashi chuka Cold egg noodles, chicken, salad with sesame sauce $10.00

UDON Noodle Soup

31.Curry Udon Beef curry & Udon $9.50
32.Katsu curry Udon Chicken schnitzel, beef curry & Udon $10.00
33.Karaage Udon Fried chicken & Udon $9.50
34.Chicken katsu Udon Chicken schnitzel & Udon $9.50
35.Chicken katsudon Udon Chicken schnitzel omelette & Udon $10.00


41.Tori taru Fried chicken, salad with Tar tar mayonnaise & rice $10.00
42.Katsu tei (BBQ, MISO or TARU sauce) Chicken schnitzel, salad with sauce & rice $10.00

All menu items come with Miso soup except Ramen & Udon.

●How to order

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Shop Information

Name MOMIJI Japanese Takeaway
Tel 02-9283-3835
Business hour Mon-Fri 10:30-15:00
Address Basement Shop BE, 303 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000
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