Wasyoku World Challenge 10th

About the Washoku World Challenge …

It is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan for non-Japanese chefs, who are deeply interested in Japanese cuisine and continuously striving to improve their skills and knowledge.


Eligibility to Application…

Applicants must be those of non-Japanese nationality, and must have experience as a cook or chef.

(the current place of residence may be Japan or abroad.)

* Excludes past winners of the Washoku World Challenge.


The six finalists selected through regional or online judging processes will be invited to Tokyo for the final.


For Contestants Advancing to the Regional Qualifying Tournaments:

A Japanese cuisine workshop by top Japanese cuisine chefs will be offered.

It will be a great opportunity to learn practical techniques directly from top Japanese chefs!


Six finalists will be invited to the Final Tournament in Tokyo:

• A special class on Japanese cuisine by top Japanese chefs will be offered. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn even more detailed Japanese cuisine technique and knowledge from Japan’s top chefs.

• A tour of Japanese ingredient producers will be organized. The finalists will observe how traditional Japanese ingredients are grown or produced.


This is a tournament that will definitely give an opportunity to further learn and refine your knowledge and skills.



Paris: September 20th

NY: October 7th

Singapore: October 21st

Online: September 25th



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