Chadstone Sushi jiro Kitchen staff hire (male only)

Chadstone sushi train shop hire kitchen staff

Australian minimum pay
Saturday x 1.25
Sunday x 1.5
hoilday x 2.25
Over time pay
annual leave + superannuation
+ staff meal

If you’re interested please send 1~5 type to work day and time
4.where you live experience

to text 0431 676 699

Sushi jiro Chadstone kitchen staff hire

We are sushi train shop in Chadstone
We hire kitchen staffs
Position is take away roll and train roll

Pay is minimum Australian pay
Saturday x 1.25
Sunday x 1.5
Over time pay
Annual leave

If you are instating send me text please
1.full name
2. Male or female
3.age to work days and time
5. Visa type

0431 676 699