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「ドラレコ」をオージーに英語で説明してみよう !


What is Dora-reko?

(池田俊一 オーストラリア国立大学アジア・太平洋カレッジ日本センター 協力:池田澪奈)


Aussie: I know that ドラクエ (dora-kue) is short for Dragon Quest, the famous video game, but what is ドラレコ (dorareko)?

You: They sound pretty similar, don’t they? But in actual fact, they’re two very different things. ドラレコ is actually short for ドライブ・レコーダー (doraibu rekōdā), which is a Japanese-made English word, “drive recorder”.

Aussie: Oh, you mean like the dashcam?

You: Yes. In Japanese, we refer to it using these loan words, even though it doesn’t get used in English – ‘drive recorder’ is a bit clunky.

Aussie: Mmm, I agree. Dashcam rolls off the tongue much easier, I think.

You: On that note – as usual, ドライブ・レコーダー is a tad bit too long for Japanese peoples’ liking, so it’s often referred to as its abbreviated form, ドラレコ.

Aussie: Ah, I see now why my colleague was saying he feels much more at ease with one in his car.

You: In Japan, there’s been a recent surge in sales for these ドラレコ, after a spate of unfortunate vehicle-related incidents across the country last year. I feel that a lot of people realised that, no matter how innocent you are in certain situations (be it an accident while you’re driving, riding or vandalism to your stationary vehicle, etc.), without irrefutable recorded proof, the other party always has the opportunity to dispute it, lie about things or worse, just leave the scene without any consequences.

Aussie: Very true. You want to believe that people will do the right thing, but… I guess not everyone out there is truthful.

You: And that’s where the ドラレコ comes in handy, because it will always record only the truth.

Aussie: Now that we’ve discussed it in detail, I feel that I need to go get one!




short for~ ~を短くした言い方
in actual fact 実際には
Japanese-made English word 和製英語
not get used 使われない
clunky 言いにくい
roll off the tongue 言いやすい
a tad bit ほんの少し
liking 好み
abbreviated form 縮約形
feel at ease 安心する
recent surge in sales 最近の爆発的売れ行き
in spate of 一連の/相次ぐ
vandalism 破壊行為


“on that note”の表現は、何かが話題に上がった時、「~については/~に関して言えば/~に関連して」といったように、その話題を続けたい時に使われる。

【例1】“I can’t wait for the summer heat to cool down…” “Same here. On that note, we should organise a pool party to escape the heat.”「暑い夏が終わるのが待ち遠しいな……」「同感! そこで、暑さしのぎだけど、プール・パーティーでも開こうか」

【例2】“The Olympic Games will be held in Japan next year.” “That’s right. On that note, did you hear that the Organising Committee is calling for volunteers?”「来年、日本でオリンピックが開かれるんだ」「その通り。その件についてだけど、準備委員会がボランティアを募集しているの、知ってた?」

【例3】“…so, that’s the end of the story. On this note, let’s finish today’s lesson.”「……というわけでこの話はおしまい。これで、授業も終わりにしよう」

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