A wintery world of black and white.The geographically blessed Aizu region shows off a side different to Hokkaido and Nagano during the snow season.The mountains draped in crisp air constantly welcome in fresh snow.

We have been sent through some amazing pictures by KEI, a local guide who knows all the ins and outs of the Aizu region. While the number of visitors to this region from Australia has continued to increase, it still maintains its charm as a place full of many little-known hidden treasures when compared to major areas, such as Hokkaido and Nagano.

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The Aizu region is situated approximately three hours away from Tokyo, making it easily accessible, whilst also offering powder snow to rival even that of Hokkaido due to its inland climate creating the ideal conditions for it. Throw in the appeal of the ever-spacious and never-crowded ski slopes and you really have no excuse not to drop by for a visit.

A total of 22 variety-packed ski resorts make up the vast region. One great piece of trending news to come out of last year was the creation of easy access between Alts Bandai, the area’s largest ski resort, and Nekoma, which is said to offer the highest-quality snow in the area. While the two ski resorts are situated on opposing sides of the same mountain and share the same peak, there was no direct route for the general public to freely travel between them in the past. A new route has been established to facilitate the safe and convenient passage between the two slopes.

Originally, the passage from one ski resort to the other required a trip by car taking over 30 minutes, making this long-awaited news a welcome addition for fans of Aizu all around. Continue along your Aizu journey by enjoying the following photos capturing the beauty of the region.

Worked for Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai/Nekoma Ski Resort for 12 years from 2005 with a focus in marketing. Moved onto Sherpa Co., Ltd. as of May 2017 where he currently works as a consultant in the field of snow and surfing. He spends half of his year either snowboarding or surfing.
Web: zao-spa.or.jp/english/index.html

The view of the frozen lake as seen from the peak of the mountain at Nekoma.As can be discerned by its two months enclosed in ice from January to March, the temperatures found in this area bring about amazing snow.
Photo: Jeremy Black/MINT TOURS Location: NEKOMA
Sharp eyes on the prize with soft snow down below. Nothing compares to the sheer elation of carving out an amazing turn.
Photo: Teemu Heljo/MINT TOURS Location: NEKOMA
Powder snow brings its own tribulations.Sweat covers the body while trudging through waist-deep snow.Visibility is impeded by fogged-up goggles.Yet, all of this is forgotten knowing the joy that awaits beyond the trek.
Photo: Jeremy Black/MINT TOURS Location: ALTS
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