Bento Boxes


You only have to google bento boxes here in Australia to catch a glimpse of how popular they are. From restaurants offering exclusive bento meal deals to Australian-owned companies selling lunchboxes in the style of traditional bento boxes, this traditional Japanese style of food has truly taken over Aus. 

But what exactly is a Bento Box?

They are a little bit of everything, a single  serving packed meal, that is transported by the eater all ready to be enjoyed. 

More nutritious and interesting take on the lunchbox, Bento’s come in a  variety of styles depending on exactly what you feel like consuming. 

‘Bento’ comes from a southern Chinese slang term meaning convenient and that’s exactly what they are an invention of convenience. Sometimes they are even assembled to pay homage to anime, famous gardens, or even monuments.  

In Australian culture the bento box is a fantastic way to start introducing Japanese cuisine into your child’s diet, they will love the neat assembly of foods and encourage them to try unique Japanese items like Gyoza and sashimi, even Japanese vegetables like edamame. 

The possibilities are endless with these stackable boxes, so why not try making your mealtimes more exciting and creative with Bento Boxes. 

— Article From BACK LANE

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