OIGEN Factory – Nanbu-tekki Teapot and Trivet Set

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Editor’s Pick
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This month’s featured item is the “Nanbu-tekki Teapot”.
(Words: Yuriko Ishii)

Tsubomi-gata Koyuki Teapot 0.6L and Trivet Set (¥14,300)
Tsubomi-gata Koyuki Teapot 0.6L and Trivet Set (¥14,300)

 The traditional handicraft of “nanbutekki” is produced in the cities of Morioka and Oshu in Iwate Prefecture and originated in the Edo period as a result of the tea ceremony trend amongst feudal lords. These handicrafts range from the quintessential blackened iron teapots, to the more colourful and stylish pots of late. Water boiled in nanbu-tekki pots has a characteristically smoother flavour filled with iron. These pots have garnered the attention of tea lovers not only in Japan but all over the world. This article will shine a spotlight on pots and trivets produced by OIGEN Factory, a longestablished nanbu-tekki store in Oshu, Iwate Prefecture.

 OIGEN Factory was founded in 1852. The store provides fun solutions for daily life with ironware by producing and selling products such iron pots, iron frying pans, and iron teapots (which are popular as gifts). The beauty of nanbu-tekki comes from the simplicity and depth created by using iron to create the products. Japanese lacquer is applied to the end product to prevent rust and the unique designs that subtlety accentuate the iron form the basis of the classic nanbu-tekki look.

 This feature will be showcasing the Tsubomigata Koyuki Teapot 0.6L with its defining, soft hada-monyo design coupled with the beautiful Snow Lattice Trivet featuring a gorgeous snowflake design. This two-piece set is only available from the online OIGEN Factory shop. The iron teapot has excellent heat retention, allowing you to enjoy delicious tea for hours, and the enamel interior coating ensures that rust won’t ever be an issue. Tea leaves can completely bloom inside of the included tea strainer, bringing out a depth of flavour. This teapot can also accommodate herbal teas with larger leaves, making it the perfect size to steep tea for two to three people. The trivet is fitted with non-slip rubber pads to provide stability and prevent any scratches to surfaces. It also makes for a great display item or wall hanging.

 The stylish design and the signature matte finish of OIGEN Factory ironware make for beautifully eye-catching pieces.

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