「転売ヤー」をオージーに英語で説明してみよう !

What is tenbaiyā?

(文:池田俊一 オーストラリア国立大学アジア・太平洋カレッジ日本センター 協力:池田澪奈)

「友達が『転売ヤーのせいでどこもマスクが品切れになっている』と言っていたけれど、これってどういう意味? 」

Who are these 転売ヤー (tenbaiyā)?

This one’s a fairly new term which combines two words – “転売” (tenbai), which means to ‘resell ’, and “バイヤー” (baiyā), which is the English word ‘buyer’. 転売ヤー are people who buy things for the sole purpose of reselling it at a higher price, to gain a profit.

Ah, so a scalper.

Oh, so there’s a word for it in English as well, I see. Well, that saves me having to explain what they are like.

Uh, very annoying?

You bet. Recently, they caused quite a lot of controversy in Japan, by buying up masks and hand sanitisers during the peak of the corona virus pandemic.

I’m surprised people were allowed to buy things like that in bulk. In Australia, during the height of the pandemic, there were restrictions put in place at stores on essential items such as those. Even nonpriority items such as toilet paper and pasta had a limit on them, at one stage.

Japan had to, too, because of these 転売ヤー, but the problem was that they would buy the maximum amount allowed for one person at one store, then go to another store to repeat the process, and so on…

Profiteering off a pandemic is very low.

I absolutely agree. I think it ought to be outright illegal, really. But I do know that several major online shopping websites began banning the reselling of these essential items, as they sought to curb 転売ヤー activity.

I think that’s definitely a step in the right direction, because if the 転売ヤー have nowhere to resell the goods, they won’t be able to keep up their flipping business

True. My friend is a really big fan of this particular band, but they say they’re always let down by the whole concert ticket buying process, by having to ‘compete’ against these 転売ヤー.

Exactly my point; if they don’t have a platform where they can resell these tickets though, they wouldn’t be buying them up in the first place. Which would mean that people, like your friend, would hopefully be able to purchase what they wanted, with less hassles.


「転売ヤー」という言葉は、昔からある「転売屋(reseller, scalper)」というほとんど同じ発音の言葉をもじって、「バイヤー(buyer)」という言葉とくっ付け、インターネット・スラングとして使われている、と説明してあげよう。




fairly かなり
sole 唯一の
scalper 利ざや稼ぎ
annoying イライラさせる/厄介な
controversy 論争/論戦
sanitiser 消毒剤/殺菌剤
peak 最盛期/最悪期
in bulk 大量に/大口で
during the height of ~ 猛威を奮っている最中に
put in place 課される
profiteering off ~ 非常時の不当利殖
very low 最低
outright illegal 完全に違法
curb 制限する/抑制する
flipping business さっと売りさばく仕事
(be) let down がっかりさせられる
Exactly my point どんぴしゃり!
platform 場
with less hassles 面倒なことなしに


“You bet.” という表現の “bet” は、もともと「金を賭ける」という意味だが、この表現は「もちろん/確かに~だ」という意味で、通例、相手の言ったことに対し「その通り」という気持ちで強調したい時に使われる。

【例1】“So, did you follow his advice?” “You bet I did.”

【例2】“Have you been following the recent election news?” “You bet. It’s quite close, so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top.” 「最近の選挙の動向を追っているかい」「訊くまでもない。非常に競り合っているので、どっちの候補が競り勝つか見ものだね」

【例3】“You must be hungry after working non-stop since this morning.” “You bet. I worked like a horse, so I could eat like a horse.” 「今朝から休みなしで働いてお腹が空いただろう」「その通り。がむしゃらに働いたから、もりもり食べるぞ」

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